Frequently Asked Questions

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This section contains answers to most frequently asked questions. If you would not find here the answer to your question, please contact us and we will revert to you in our best timing.

Where can I find presentations on EMIRI, the SET plan, …?

You will find presentations on EMIRI and other related topics in the Documents section of the website as well as by visiting the Links section. In case you would have any other question, do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I become member of the EMIRI initiative?

EMIRI is an inclusive initiative and any organisation is free to apply for membership provided it is active in the field of energy (materials) as an industrial player, a research & technology organisation, an academic institution, an association … In order to apply for membership, please complete and return to us the Membership Application Form available for download from the Documents section.

All applications are assessed by EMIRI's Steering Committee at the first opportunity. The Steering Committee will provide a provisional membership decision for the application, pending the final formal approval at the next General Assembly Meeting.

What is the profile of current EMIRI members?

Current EMIRI members are industrial players, research & technology organizations, academic institutions / universities. Their commonality is their involvement in the field of energy technologies with a focus on energy materials

Is EMIRI looking for members active in specific energy technologies?

EMIRI is continuously looking for new members to build a membership base addressing all technologies featured in the SET plan materials roadmap and have the different players in the value chain represented. To discuss your interest to become member of EMIRI, please contact us. If you have already decided to be a member, please complete and return the EMIRI membership application form (available from our Documents page).

What is the added value of EMIRI ?

EMIRI is a European industry driven initiative, bringing together the skills and expertise of both the research community and industry to implement in a more effective way cross cutting collaborative energy materials innovation programmes for a competitive low-carbon energy sector.

Added value starts through early engagement by industry in the definition of long, medium and short term research topics and priorities to provide specialist market insight, relevant guidance and on-going feedback to ensure that research and development targets remain fully in phase with market needs throughout the full development pathway from science to innovation.

The purpose of this involvement by industry and like-minded research organisations is the belief that research is an investment and the means to an end of creating sustainable value and jobs in Europe. It is industry acting together with the support of research organisations that will ultimately create this added value and make the innovation step happen. EMIRI is a fast growing organisation with a strong involvement of industrial players able and willing to commit resources. It is therefore the ideal vehicle to facilitate a sense of ownership and strong industry participation essential to increase the chances of successful innovation.

For this reason EMIRI is advocating for stronger and better public-private interactions to optimally implement roadmaps such as the SET-Plan Materials Roadmap bringing all the key stakeholders under the same roof.