The aim of LiPLANET – a 2-year project funded by the EU under the HORIZON 2020 R&I Programme – was to reinforce the European innovation and production ecosystem by forming a network of Research pilot lines for the production of lithium battery cells. Now, two years later, the project is reaching the end and the project’s consortium is now handing over the animation of the LiPLANET Network to the dedicated  Association in founding, which is already gathering 11 members.

On March 10th, the LiPLANET Conference ‘Discover the insights of battery cell pilot lines ecosystem’ officially marked the end of the project and the continuation of the Network as a self-sufficient Association to support the European battery industry. This Conference highlighted the main achievements of the project that allowed to successfully establish the Network, and the next steps for the Network. After our project coordinator, Prof. Arno Kwade, reminded the origin of  the LiPLANET project, different partners covered the main achievements of the project such as the setting up of various Expert Groups, the elaboration of an ambitious strategic Roadmap (to be officially release soon…), the conduct of a wide Round Robin campaign and the creation of training programmes. Furthermore, several European battery stakeholders such as Manz, Université de Picardie Jules Verne and Dassault Systèmes shared the benefits they collected so far from the Network and their expectations for the future .

The conference ended it with a very enriching panel discussion, gathering  key actors of the European battery R&I landscape.

Watch the full recordings of the session here and visit the LiPLANET website for more information.