• Start and end date: 01/09/2023 – 31/08/2026
  • Overall budget: € 3 102 223,75
  • Grant agreement No 101104022
  • Website: https://battery2030.eu/

BATTERY 2030+ large-scale research initiative: At the heart of a connected green society

For Europe to reach its climate-neutral goals by 2050, the development of new sustainable battery materials is paramount. The EU-funded BATTERY 2030PLUS project aims to work on the batteries of the future leveraging the development of breakthrough technologies. It is expected that the project will enable long-lasting European leadership in markets such as road transport and stationary energy storage, and in future applications such as robotics, aerospace, medical devices and the Internet of Things. To achieve this long-term vision, the project will develop a roadmap and propose guidelines for data sharing, standardisation of protocols as well as modelling methods and tools.

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