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EMIRI acts as a driving force towards a stronger partnership between industry, research & technology organizations, universities and multiple key stakeholders involved across Europe (at European and National levels) in defining policies aiming at solving Europe’s challenges around energy, climate change and industrial renaissance. By joining EMIRI, your organisation will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of advanced materials as a key enabling technology for our clean energy future,  for the benefit of the European Industry.

Our members benefit from

Enhanced visibility towards European and national policymakers.

First-hand information about EU and Member State priorities and funding opportunities

Shaping long-term funding priorities in advanced materials technologies for clean and sustainable energy & mobility

A proactive, motivated network of potential future consortium partners consisting of leading industrial players, SMEs, research & technology organizations, universities, trade associations and technology platforms

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About 60 members are already part of EMIRI


‘From SusChem technology platform where we develop the R&I priorities for the Chemical Industry and its value chains, we have so much in common with EMIRI, and for many years now, we have been sharing our activities, and have an extremely fruitful and friendly collaboration, thank you to the EMIRI team!’

Anne Chloé Devic

Senior Manager Innovation


EMIRI has become a key association for the advocacy and the representation of the European Industrial Innovation ecosystem in advanced materials for clean energy and mobility. EMIRI has provided us a fruitful collaboration network under open innovation models and it is very well aligned with our science-to-society vision, towards generating competitive value and a sustainable future!’

David Gutierrez

Head of Energy & Engineering Department

LEITAT Technological Center

‘At Dow our main goal in life is to deploy our materials and innovation engine to enable a better and more sustainable society. EMIRI has succeeded in putting materials high on the agenda where it matters most!’

Eric Peeters

Vice President of Sustainability

Dow Inc.

‘The European Materials & Technologies Platform (EuMaT) was created in 2004 to assure optimal involvement of stakeholders in establishing EU R&D priorities in the area of advanced engineering materials and technologies across different EU Programs and Clusters. EUMAT promoted the creation in 2012 of the industrial initiative EMIRI to drive R&I of advanced materials for low-carbon energy and mobility to push the transition to renewable energy.’

Dr. Amaya Igartua

Co-secretary of the EUMAT Platform


‘EMIRI’s hard and persistent work on securing future jobs and value creation in energy materials manufacturing in Europe correlates entirely with IFE’s goal to conduct R&D in the field of energy, on a non-profit and socially beneficial basis.’

Tine Uberg Naerland

Research Director


‘Advanced materials are enabling the low carbon energy and mobility technologies needed for climate neutrality. Advocating to bridge the lab-to-market gap, and accelerate innovation through public private collaboration, EMIRI is key to drive change’

Fabrice Stassin

Director Government Affairs Electromobility