• Start and end date: 01/09/2020 – 31/08/2023 (extended until 31/02/2024)
  • Overall budget: € 19 997 812,50
  • Grant agreement No 957189
  • Website: http://www.big-map.eu/

Battery Interface Genome – Materials Acceleration Platform

Energy production and transport are evolving rapidly to meet today’s growing demand and environmental goals. However, low-cost and high-performance solutions are lacking when it comes to energy storage. To address the absence of innovative battery technologies, the EU-funded BIG-MAP project aims to develop a modular, closed-loop infrastructure and methodology to bridge physical insights and data-driven approaches. To this end, it will cohesively integrate machine learning, computer simulations and AI-orchestrated experiments and synthesis to accelerate the discovery and optimisation of sustainable battery materials. The project will play a role in the creation of a versatile and chemistry-neutral European Materials Acceleration Platform that can significantly increase the rate of discovery of new battery materials and interfaces.

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