On February 11, 2022, in the framework of the EU Industry Days, EMIRI organised the session ‘Advanced Materials, enabling the green and digital transition at the core of European Alliances for competitiveness, climate neutrality and sustainability’.

This session, which was moderated  by Tamsin Rose, counted with the participation of a great lineup of speakers:

          Eric Peeters, VP Sustainability, Dow Inc; EMIRI Chairman

          Jürgen Tiedje, HoU Industrial Transformation, DG-RTD

          Daniel Witthaut, Executive Director Innovation, Cefic

          Melissa Verykios, President, Helbio (Metacon Group); Member of the Board of Hydrogen Europe

          Fabrice Stassin, Director Government Affairs Electromobility, UMICORE; Member of the Board of EMIRI.

This session has been one of the first opportunities to exchange on the ambitious goal of  the just released Materials 2030 Manifesto initiative

As a teaser, find below a few words by Mr Jurgen Tiejdje, Head of Unit – Industrial Transformation, DG-RTD giving the tone…

“The Materials 2030 Manifesto calls for a vision, it says what to do by 2030 and it proposes very concrete steps. Its vision is to focus on the materials ecosystem, this means bringing research and industry community together. The industry should speak much more up about their concrete needs because on advanced materials research, we have actually an excellent research community in Europe. Commissioner Gabriel wants to give advanced materials research a big push, as the stakeholders want. She would like to put this into the context of the greener and digital transition.”

Watch the full discussion here.