The Materials 2030 Initiative was presented on June 29 at the INDTECH2022 Conference, in a plenary session chaired by Joanna Drake, Deputy Director-General of DG R&I.

After a general presentation of the initiative by Lars Montelius, Director General at INL (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory), one of the signatories of the Materials 2030 Manifesto, representatives(1) of the 4 technology platforms involved in the initiative pointed out the expected benefits of uniting all the advanced materials stakeholders. Advanced materials are key enabling technologies to deliver the solutions to reach climate neutrality, circularity and sustainability, meaning that enhanced circularity and responsible practices should systematically be part of each and every development, focusing on sustainable and safe advanced materials. Also, Europe realizes its dependency on other regions for its strategic value chains and now wants to reinforce its autonomy and preserve its technology leadership. These goals can only be achieved by collectively re-inventing the way advanced materials are developed. That’s exactly the purpose of AMI2030…!

Download the presentation from the IndTech2022’s plenary session on Systemic Approach for Advanced Materials

(1) Eric Peeters, Chairman of EMIRI and VP Sustainability at Dow;  Anne Chloé Devic, SusChem; José Carlos Caldeira, Board Member at INESC TEC / MANUFUTURE; Amaya Igartua, Eumat

Find the Materials 2030 Manifesto here.

Find the draft of the Materials 2030 Roadmap here.