Besides Peter Jansens from FZ Julich, the Steering Committee of EMIRI counts now with another new addition: Ilian Todorov. Ilian takes over an Observer seat in our Steerco representing the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) association. We are extremely happy to have him on board!

According to Ilian “EMIRI is an ambitious European body contributing to the industrial leadership in the R&D and in circularity and recyclability across the supply chain from raw materials to advanced materials for energy. I’m excited to be involved of this community and happy to contribute to the driving force behind AMI2030.”

Ilian Todorov graduated as Theoretical Physicist at the University of Sofia (Bulgaria, 1996), before converting to Chemistry at the University of Hull (UK, 1999) and obtaining a PhD in Computational Chemistry at University of Bristol (2003). During his years with the University of Cambridge and STFC he carried our research on nuclear waste forms, using molecular modelling and developing parallel numerical algorithms and associated methodology into software to handle very large systems on supercomputers. His software work and enthusiasm in training and outreach to materials modelling communities world-wide contributed to the rise of Research Software Engineering in 2012 in the UK, leading to establishing them as a Society in 2017. In 2014 he became the lead of the Computational Chemistry group at STFC and supported the EC’s Research and Innovation effort in establishing leadership in enabling industrial technologies. This led to a CSE project forming the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) association in 2015, which became a non-profit (ASBL) community in 2019.  As part of STFC materials modelling research and EMMC digitalisation agenda, Ilian Todorov successfully managed the STFC contributions to the H2020 Virtual Market Place Platform project.  He and his group are key stakeholders in follow up European initiatives advancing materials digitalisation technologies (ontologies, marketplaces, standardisation of modelling and of simulation data) and in advancing computational software solutions on behalf of materials modelling and informatics communities in the UK. He is an Organisational Assembly co-Chair and Software Focus Area co-Chair at EMMC, a Fellow of BCS, member of the RSE Society, and follows a number of other materials, digital and software communities.