PINK is a RIA focused on “Computational models for the development of safe and sustainable by design chemicals and materials”. The project will officially kick off in January 2024 and it will last for 48 month. The aim is to produce innovative modelling software and integrated workflows for the development of AdMa&Chems implementing the Safe-and-Sustainability-by-Design (SSbD) framework and provide them accompanied by the required data as an industry-ready open innovation.

The expected role for EMIRI (AMI2030) is mainly Bridging with Industry:

    • Provide industry requirements on the developed software and decision support platform
    • Help in the development of business models for 1) access to the platform as well as the underlying models and software and 2) potential consultancy services for data integration, FAIRification and harmonisation and then selection of appropriate computation methods and running all this through the decision support system.
    • Identification of interesting demonstrators from EMIRI members
    • Coordination of EMIRI members joining as affiliated entities providing demonstrators

Stay tuned for more details!