Both applications were officially approved on November 22nd, during our EMIRI General Assembly in San Sebastian. We are very happy to see the family growing! 

Let’s get to know them…

Planck Technologies is a Norwegian company based in Oslo, specialized in designing cutting-edge materials for energy storage applications. Their expertise lies in identifying the most promising materials that meet the specific requirements of each use case, and by leveraging advanced simulation techniques, such as computational chemistry and AI, Planck Technologies provides solutions that maximize performance, efficiency, and sustainability. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, the company bridges the gap between material science and stationary energy storage applications, enabling a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable energy future. With a long experience from industry, Planck Technologies has a strong focus on the problem, and on developing business models to commercialise these emerging technologies.

Maryam Ghadrdan, Founder and Managing Director of Planck Technologies had the opportunity to join us in San Sebastian. She shared a few words with us: “We are very interested to collaborate, both with research institutes and funding applications, and also industry partners within the field of energy, energy storage technologies, and materials manufacturers. I believe that joining EMIRI will be a great opportunity to position Planck Technologies within the European materials R&I community and to make sure our R&I needs and priorities are well represented.” 

Our second member, ONEJOON GmbH, is a plant construction company with German locations in Bovenden (near Göttingen) and Böblingen (near Stuttgart). The company has a tradition of over 125 years in the construction of highly flexible and technologically sophisticated industrial furnaces for a wide range of industries. ONEJOON GmbH employs approx. 250 people worldwide.

ONEJOON is the technology and market leader for oxidation and carbonisation furnaces in the core market of carbon fibre production. The company has a prominent position in the markets of cathode and anode material production for lithium-ion batteries, hardening of blade and saw bands, recycling of tyres and batteries, sintering of metals and ceramics, heat treatment of aluminium wheels and in special applications and novel materials (e.g. in the field of powder chemistry and fuel cells). In addition to customised furnace technology, ONEJOON also supplies the appropriate automation and integration of process and material flow. In two test centres, ONEJOON experts also carry out trials to optimise heat treatment processes and accompany customers from the industry and universities in the step from the laboratory to industrial production thanks to a systematic lab-to-production concept.

ONEJOON supplies not only customized furnace technology but can also provide all supporting equipment and services as well. This includes the application of automation equipment, material flow expertise, process integration and system optimization. 

 Since January 2020, ONEJOON GmbH, the former Eisenmann Thermal Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, with locations in Germany, Canada, the USA and China, has been a subsidiary of the Korean ONEJOON Group and the parent company ONEJOON Co., Ltd. is a mechanical engineering company based in Suwon, South-Korea, whose main market is the manufacture of high-temperature furnace systems including the associated conveyor and process technology for processing cathode and anode material for lithium-ion batteries.

Ralf Bessling, Key Account Manager at Onejoon also shared a few words with us: “We are very proud to be joining EMIRI as a Team Member to reach the challenge which is in front of us. Onejoon will support this by searching the partnership with institutes, universities and industry partners to develop thermal process solutions for e.x. battery materials and recycling”

Welcome on board, Planck Technologies & Onejoon!