8 Focus Groups (FG) are currently in the launching phase based on the key technology areas identified by the Initiative. These are: Batteries, Hydrogen, Solar Energy Harvesting, Wind Energy Harvesting, Low Carbon Industries, Light weighting for mobility, Buildings and Digital and integration technologies for clean energy and mobility (electronic materials). 

So far, the Focus Group on Hydrogen has been launched as a first pilot test group. The kick-off meeting of the FG on Hydrogen took place on Monday 13th of September. In the meeting, our Managing Director presented the objectives of the FG, the 8 different focus areas, the composition and governance of the groups and the key activities and deliverables. A new collaborative platform available for all the members of EMIRI was also presented in this meeting: the EMIRI Hub. This tool will facilitate specially the work conducted by these Focus Groups. 

The chair and co-chair of the Hydrogen Focus Group, that is to say, Fabrice Stassin (Umicore) and Karim Sidi Ali Cherif (CEA Liten) were also introduced during the kick-off meeting. In the last part of the meeting the FG leaders presented their priorities. A first  activity will consist of a one-day workshop organised jointly with the Namec Cluster on Nov. 5, 2021. 

For more information about the Focus Groups, see here the Terms of reference. 

For EMIRI members please find the slides of the kick-off meeting on our EMIRI Hub, on the Hydrogen space. If you do not have access to our collaborative platform please contact us!