On November 5th, EMIRI brought its TechTalks back! These are a great opportunity to get through a one-day session an overview of technologies, markets, policies and on-going R&I activities in the field of one of the clean energy areas EMIRI is focusing on. 

Our recent TechTalk Event entitled ‘R&I needs on Advanced Materials to unlock the hydrogen revolution’ attracted more than 80 participants. It was moderated by Mr. Fabrice Stassin, Director Government Affairs Electromobility Projects at Umicore and Mr. Karim Sidi-Ali-Cherif, Deputy Director at CEA Liten, respectively lead and Co-lead of the EMIRI Focus Group on Hydrogen.

Our Managing Director, Mr. Philippe Jacques opened up the event, welcoming all the attendees and speakers and briefly introducing EMIRI. 

In the morning, we were very honored to have with us Ms. Hélène Chraye Head of Unit – Clean Energy Transition at the European Commission who presented the European Hydrogen Strategy and the way how R&I contributes to it, and also Mr. Laurent Antoni, Hydrogen Public Affairs Manager at Hydrogen Europe Research who exposed the role of innovation in materials for the deployment of hydrogen technologies. These presentations were followed by testimonials from some key industry players (Umicore, Solvay, Bekaert, Blue World Technologies, Agfa and BMW), who presented their views on the hydrogen revolution and their companies’ strategies on and solutions for the production, transport and applications of Hydrogen. 

The afternoon session highlighted some ongoing EU-funded projects dealing with advanced materials enabling key hydrogen technologies. We had the opportunity to have an overview of the following projects: NEXTAEC, PECSYS, GAMER, ARENHA, SHERLOHCK and BEST4Hy.

The final session of the event consisted of a 1-hour workshop moderated by Mr. Karim Sidi-Ali-Cherif aiming at identifying challenges and future solutions that will help us elaborate R&I policy recommendations.

Afterwards, our Managing Director wrapped up exposing the key take-aways of the session and thanked once again all the attendees and invited speakers.

If you want to rewatch the session, please find the presentations and the recordings here.