After 2 days of IndTech Conference in Grenoble, EMIRI organised a workshop as a side event on June 30th focused on “Re-inventing Materials Research: Towards accelerated development by closely orchestrating AI, data, robotics, and high-performance computing

The topic raised immediately a strong interest among the invited speakers and the audience and consequently, we were starting the session at 8.30AM with a very busy programme ahead of us. With more than 30 attendees physically and 20 connected online, the participants were able to engage in meaningful discussions that we expect to be the starting point of a future coordinated action for the materials community. A white paper on this topic was suggested as the first step of this coordinated action.

The workshop started showing the digital revolution underway in industrial labs, where we had the opportunity to see industrial case studies from BASF, DOW, SOLVAY and UMICORE. We continued with case studies from research centres such as HELMHOLTZ-INSTITUTE and FRAUNHOFER INSTITUT. We also had the case of the DTU illustrating the BIG-MAP project, in which EMIRI and many other organisations of the materials community are involved.

After a short coffee break, we came back to portray solutions to accelerate materials research already available on the market by CITRINE INFORMATICS, DASSAULT SYSTEMES, ATINARY TECHNOLOGIES, SCM SOFTWARE FOR CHEMISTRY AND MATERIALS and VSPARTICLE.

We believed that it was important to allocate some time also to review policy initiatives such as the Mission Innovation’s Collaborative Platform: Materials for Energy (M4E) and the French imitative DIADEM – DIscovery Acceleration for the Deployment of Emerging Materials.

At last, some of the speakers came back on stage to share their thoughts in a very engaging panel discussion.

The conclusions of the workshop were clear for our Chairman, Eric Peeters:

  • We are on track: this is not the future, but the present
  • Amazing levels of investment
  • Need for collaboration between academia, small and big companies, government initiatives, etc
  • Importance of data
  • It is not about materials but about devices that can be used in our lives
  • This is only the start of the digital revolution: we are going to have a digitally native workforce coming anytime now

Rewatch now the session!

Find presentations used during the session below: